Photography training has been our passion over the years and we are excited to welcome you on board. Our photography academy courses are designed for photographers of all levels who want to capture brilliant images at a professional level!


Shola Animashaun, also known as SA, is a self-taught Nigerian photographer.
A graduate of Accounting from the Kwara State Polytechnic, he acquired his first camera in June 2002, a few weeks before he received the clarion call to serve his nation in the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).
Of course film photography was a daunting task, but he learnt the ropes with multiple trials and errors to eventually become exceptionally good at it.


Our classes are coordinated by skill level and group specialties;
Basic, Intermediate and Advance level.
Ease of portfolio building.
Your choice camera brand is welcome
Because we are a household name in the photography industry, you will get to have at least one live shoot of the choice course(s) you choose. E.g Model, Wedding, Concert, Studio photography, etc.
We provide photography consultancy and additional free counselling for aspiring in-house photography students.
Photography projects executed individually and in groups, which in turn exposes our students to working independently and with other photographers while on location.
Build an online and offline brand presence to leverage on as a photographer.
Learn the ups and downs of being a photographer

Photography Summer School for Kids



Ever since I can remember I had always loved pictures and as I got older, the urge and love for the art of photography grew too so I decided to get professional training.

At Shola Animashun photography academy, we were taught the core of photography and given hands on training and practical's. With this, I can now walk into a photography situation and solve the problem for my clients.

The training has also given me the ability to know firsthand what I would need to express my photography abilities whether its the equipment I need to use to the settings for my lights or camera to produce professional and beautiful pictures.

Rating: **** ( 4 stars)

If you're looking to join a photography class I see no reason why you should look any further than Shola Animashaun Academy. I'll tell you why In the next few paragraphs.

Shola Animashaun Academy builds and enhances your visual story telling abilities with numerous theory and practical classes such as the Studio Photography, Wedding Photography, Concert Photography classes just to mention a few. From my time there I know the environment is always so conducive and friendly, it increases your willingness to learn. Also with all the young creative minds from different states that you meet at the academy, your zeal to learn is increased.

There's never a dull moment at the academy, everyday we learn something new, no wasted moment. The academy jump starts your career by letting you be part of shoots with people that top the art, fashion, music and entertainment industry in general. They provide equipments for those who can't yet afford them. Need I say more?

Rating: **** ( 4 stars)

Being at Shola Animashaun Photography Academy was a wonderful experience in my life. It gave me a new approach and a deep understanding of photography.

When I started the school, it helped me see photography in a new light. It helped me become proficient in the diverse areas of photography.

Rating: **** ( 4 stars)

Learning at Shola Animashaun Photography academy was a great experience, it was fun, there was always something new to learn, especially coming from a well experienced and practicing photographer.

And nothing compares to "hands-on" training, going for top events, shooting top celebrities... that puts you right in the middle of your career and all that I got at Shola Animashaun Photography Academy.

Rating: **** ( 4 stars)

My journey in photography started when I woke up one beautiful morning in my home town “ IDANRE ” ONDO STATE. Idanre is a world class tourist centre with several gigantic igneous rocks which are thousands of meters above sea level. I woke up to this fog settling on one of the rocks in a beautiful fashion. I smiled to this beautiful landscape and my sister ( Akintan Atinuke ) walked up to me and whispered photography into my ears, instantly my heart got the message.

I googled for the best photography academy in Nigeria and I came across Shola Animashaun Photography Academy. I went to a few other academies to make enquiries but I wasn’t convinced enough, when I met Shola Animashaun, It only took me 40seconds to be convinced I’m at the right place. I spoke to him for about 40 minutes and I knew in my mind that my journey in photography is a done deal. I joined Shola Animashaun Photography in February 2016 and it has been a superb experience for me. My first assignment started the second day after my registration, I bought a Canon Camera which was delivered to me by Shola Animashaun and he introduced me to the exposure triangle and I started shooting immediately at my first location at the Trinity Towers Eko Atlantic, I could remember my first set of pictures were overexposed, instantly I knew in my mind that I had to take the bull by the horn.

So far I have been with Shola Animashaun Photography Academy {SAPA} for 5 months now and I can boldly say that I made a fantastic decision to join Shola Animashaun Photography Academy. I have had an astronomical rise in the world of photography under the tutelage of the enigma himself SHOLA ANIMASHAUN. He’s a world class photographer, a friend, a boss and a brother to me, If there’s another world elsewhere I will re-join SAPA. I can boldly say photography has chosen me.

I recommend Shola Animashaun Photography Academy [SAPA] for anyone who is ready to pursue Photography as a career path. “With SAPA your Photography dream will become a reality “

Having a strong passion for photography, I wanted to learn more about it. On the hunt for more knowledge, I found shola Animashaun photography academy. Ever since I joined the academy, it has helped push me in the direction of wanting to turn my passion for photography into a career choice and a way of life.

Each assignment gives me detailed information that I will no doubt carry on with me in my journey of photography. The tutor along with students support are great in helping to support me in answering any questions or concerns I may have. They also critique my work, keeping my head up so I can keep improving with each and every picture I take! The rate at which Mr Shola Animashaun involves his students in various assignments both in and outside the academy is second to none. I can remember he always tells us that he is building us up in order to compete with him in the nearest future.

Being an apprentice at the academy, I have had the opportunity to build my own portfolio as an upcoming photographer. Mr Shola Animashaun gives me the privilege to go out with him to various events to shoot, he guides me and tells me what and what not to do. This have indeed given me more confidence I need to have as a photographer. I could never have asked for a better photography academy. As an apprentice in the academy, I have also had the privilege to know about all other areas in photography like studio photography, events, street photography etc.

Apart from learning about photography in the academy, the rapport between my mentor (Mr Shola Animashaun) and his students is like that of a father and son. He always guide and gives advice to his students making us to know how we can be like, or even better than him. We work, we gist and we also play. Above all, he tells us to always put God first in everything we do. These things have kept us moving forward. Learning about photography at Shola Animashaun photography academy have been an opportunity of a lifetime....

Overall, learning photography at shola Animashaun photography academy has given me the knowledge, drive and confidence I need to succeed and I can't say thank you enough! Becoming a great Photographer will always continue to be a learning curve for me but having been to shola Animashaun photography academy, I know I will succeed.

I joined Shola Animashaun Photography Academy in November 2015, shortly after my NYSC program. This was after I had gone through a list of photographers and realised there were only a few in Lagos/Nigeria who offered trainings for aspiring photographers like myself. Although, while on my NYSC program, I made sure to join skill acquisition programs that taught anything photography related and also backed it up with a lot of YouTube tutorials.
From then on, my interest grew and I became eager to expand my knowledge. I made the decision to get a camera immediately, to enable me practice before I would eventually get a good photography school. Finally when I returned home to Lagos, I made a list of places to go. And although I saw 1 or 2 others at the time, Shola Animashaun Photography Academy seemed more convincing to me because
1. The website and photos I saw were beautifully laid out and that already made me curious.
2. The fees and course outline were clearly stated. Which rids you of the stress. So you can immediately know if you want to go for it or not.

So One day, I went there to make one -on-one enquiries. The people I met, were setting up the studio for a shoot while I waited to see Mr.Shola, I was already excited because everyone else seemed excited and they handled equipment with such professionalism that I didn’t realise they were students on training. When Mr Shola came out, he didn’t really seem like who I was expecting and when I asked to see 'Shola Animashaun' he said with a semi-straight "Oh, he'll be with you shortly" .

He asked me few questions and decided to give me a test because he was rushing for the shoot. Of course I later figured he was the 'Shola Animashuan' and I was just amazed by his high-spirited nature. I decided to do the apprenticeship program which is a major investment of your time and money (so be prepared)

My training was a period of learning and growing because our tutor, Mr Shola always makes sure everyone is carried along. Even if you come in as a novice, you can start shooting amazing images in less than 3weeks (if you are attentive) What's more exciting is, you will attend events, meet people and gain exposure that you probably never imagined. Everybody loves Mr. Shola and here's why. Sometimes, he's a teacher, sometimes he's a friend, brother, motivator and even a comedian. Most of all I like the fact that he never holds back any information that he knows is vital for our growth as students and even otherwise.

Always willing to give more, and always makes a fuss about your progress no matter how little. He's literally a great cheer leader. So as a young aspiring photographer, in many years to come, I would still recommend Shola Animashaun Photog Academy because the culture there is one that certainly breeds great people not just photographers.


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